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About the company


Due to our large production capacity and our in-house design of machines and equipment, we can offer our customers a very competitive price/quality ratio. Our team of experts has longterm experience with machinery production, which has a long tradition in our region; and they keep improving the procedures for production and assembly to achieve first-rate quality and reliability of the machines.

We can design and manufacture truly unique machines – do not hesitate to challenge us with atypical requirements. We will attend to them.

We offer the following manufacture services:

Manufacturing shop

We offer complete manufacturing of precise parts – for machines of our own design as well as parts according to the customer’s documentation. We also produce spare parts and tools. The tooltoom specializes in CNS milling, standard milling, turning, surface and cylindrical grinding, welding, electro-erosive cutting and the subsequent testing and measuring of all the parts.
We know the quality of these parts is essential, which is why the production takes place on modern production sites, using highly specialised equipment.

Mechanical assembly

We offer complete assemblies of mechanical units or complete machines made according to our design, but we also provide mechanical assembly to order, based on customer’s documentation. The best possible quality is guaranteed by our experienced team of assembly specialists.

Electric assembly

Thanks to our experienced and reliable team specialised in electric installations, we offer complete electric installations to our machines as well as the production and installation of electrical cabinets.

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