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Assembly lines

Assembly machines and lines can be designed for manual or fully automatic operation. In some applications, a combination of both methods is possible.

The line can also be laid out as a modular system, allowing the client to scale up the capacity and technical level according to current needs. The individual stations can be connected with a conveyor belt, the parts can also be passed on by hand.

The solution is always tailored to the specific requirements and customers‘ needs. It is necessary to consider the available space, required output rate, the methods how to supply the parts, transport between operations or the requirements how the machine can handle high product versatility. Based on our experience, we also emphasise sufficient testing and perfecting of the line before the actual installation at the customer.

It is essential for well-functioning lines to identify the individual components and sets entering the manufacture or assemly process. That is why our machines are equipped with top-class systems for preventing mistakes by sensing the correctness of the components or the assemblies at the input (Poka-Yoke).

Subunits are monitored several times during assembling to check dimensions and the presence of all the parts. Additional checking methods such as camera systems eliminate any possibility of mixing up different subunits.

Last but not least, a fully automatic assembly line cannot do without reliable automatic feeding and sorting devices (such as vibration feeders). In this area we cooperate with renowned manufacturers of feeding equipment. For special applications, we can also develop our own feeding and sorting devices.

Most common technological operations performed on our assembly lines include:










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