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Measuring and testing devices

We supply measuring and testing devices – individually or integrated in the production line. Checking, measuring and testing of the products‘ parameters are essential to all production procedures. A growing emphasis on securing a reliable functioning final product means further demands on precision and reliability of measuring and testing machines.

Checking devices:

These are especially checking (POKA-YOKE) tools designed to check the presence, number, colour or correct orientation of the products. Checking devices can be used in between operations or for the final 100% checking.

Measuring devices:

Our measuring devices can measure mechanical and electric parameters or physical quantities.

Measuring of parameters:

  • measuring of length
  • measuring of shape
  • measuring of distance
  • measuring of weight
  • measuring of pressure
  • measuring of force
  • measuring of moments
  • measuring of speed / revolutions
  • measuring of electric parameters
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